Rap Blog: Legal Advice – Know Your Rights!

Yo, listen up, I got the scoop
I’m here to lay down the law and help you recoup
If you’re facing charges and in need of some help
Legal counsel is your right, don’t you yelp

If you’re an immigrant living in the States
DHS reporting requirements got you in a daze
Know what you need, keep yourself in the clear
Take the necessary steps, have no fear

Working for the government, union in place
AFGE master agreement 2019, know your space
Rights and benefits, a part of the game
Educate yourself, rise to fame

Entering into a partnership, do it right
Trust partnership agreement, take flight
Guidelines, benefits, all in one place
Create a strong bond, set a solid pace

Living in Kentucky, marriage on the fritz
Divorce rules in Kentucky, don’t call it quits
Understand the law, protect your rights
Navigate the system, take flight

Trying to get a job at Sonic, know the deal
Job age requirements, keep it real
Legal guidelines, don’t get caught in a bind
Know what to expect, keep a clear mind

Georgia landlords and tenants, listen close
Security deposit laws, don’t overdose
Know your rights, maintain your ground
Legal protections, always sound

Franchise agreements, sometimes it’s tough
Ways to terminate, don’t play bluff
Legal steps, follow them through
Move on with grace, start anew

Interested in law, want to make a change
Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC), rearrange
Advocate for rights, make a stand
Change the world, lend a hand

Love to work with your hands, get down and dirty
Become a mechanical contractor, don’t be flirty
Take essential steps, rise to the top
Get your hands dirty, never stop

Want me to call you back? :)